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A Happy Response

In Which Our Heroine Takes Joy In Other People’s Happiness

This arrived in my Twitter Feed today:

(Click on the link to see the photo.)

Mailing #3 has landed, and I have that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from a Random Act of Art.

This is encouraging. Remember, Dear Reader–something like this, a little drawing with a short note on the back, can mean a good deal to a friend who is having a hard day (or is having a great day, for that matter).

I declare this Experiment a Success!

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O Frabjous Day! Calloo! Callay!

In Which Our Heroine Contemplates An Excellent Mail Day

Today’s visit to the mailbox yielded a particularly delightful harvest:

Pictured: Membership Kit from Letter Writers Alliance, J. Herbin ink cartridges and Ohto Tasche fountain pen from

Not Pictured: Letter Writers Alliance Membership Card

I finally received my Membership Kit from Letter Writers Alliance! I am so excited! I cannot wait to sign up for the Pen Pal Swap and start sending and receiving more letters! (I think I have to send in a letter in order to make that happen. I should get writing!)

I also received my latest JetPens order: My second Tasche Ohto fountain pen (my first real fountain pen was the same one but with a blue body), plus some very pretty tins full of J. Herbin ink cartridges in “Eclat de Saphir,” “Larmes de Cassis,” and “Ambre de Birmanie.” I may have to get more fountain pens so that I have one for each color. I adore these tiny tins. I have such a vulnerability to excellent packaging.

Have you received something wonderful in the mail recently? Tell me about it in the comments!

Time to get writing!

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The Challenges of Mailing

In Which Our Heroine Faces The Desire To Keep Art Destined For Others

I’ve finished Mailing #3! I am particularly pleased with this one, despite its many flaws.

I am not at all good at drawing architecture, so this was yet another excellent artistic challenge. I believe, however, that my need for more practice is rather glaringly obvious in this piece. I am pleased with the cat, so that is some consolation. I found my Prismacolor colored pencils and rediscovered the joys of working with quality art materials. The Coloriffic pencils I was using previously were a challenge in themselves.

“Guardian of the Portal” was done on my faithful 3.5 “Window” card (this time featuring an actual window!) in pencil, Sharpie pen, and Prismacolor colored pencils. Unfortunately, the photo does not show the metallic gold on the cat’s whiskers very well.

The Problem with being Pleased with One’s Art is that one is then Tempted to Keep It For One’s Self. After all, one could just draw something else for the Intended Recipient. But that would do nothing for my Character and would make me feel Guilty. The purpose of this project is to send things. I steeled myself, wrote a note on the back, slipped it into an envelope, sealed it, addressed it, stamped it, and gave it to my husband to mail. He has promised faithfully not to lose it, and I can ask no more of him. I can feel my Self-Discipline improving already.

Mailing #3 is going to a lovely lady whom I have never actually met in person. I hope she likes it.

What have you sent away that you might rather have kept?

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Writing Anxiety

In Which Our Heroine is Already Concerned About Her Blogging Powers

I should probably warn you, Dear Reader, that I am embarking on this new Blog with a certain amount of trepidation. I want–very badly–for this to be a good and useful Blog, not only to myself, but also to you. At the same time, this Blog needs to be for me to use as I wish. I do not want to lock myself down and, above all, I do not want to build up expectations that will surely doom all of us to disappointment. That Way Lies Madness. I worry about neglecting The Other Blog in my excitement over this New Shiny Blog. I worry about Not Being Able To Persist–about starting things I will not be able or willing to finish. (This is a Known Flaw in my Character.)

However, as I ponder these things, I realize the following:
1) The more I practice writing, the better my writing will be. Therefore, writing here can only benefit The Other Blog.
2) Each entry I write here will boost my Self-Discipline and Persistence. Practice is the key. This will, obviously, Build Character.
3) This is my Blog, where I should write what I like. Your expectations, Dear Reader, are your own to look after. I do hope that this Blog will be Educational, Entertaining, and Enjoyable for all of us, but I certainly cannot promise to be spot-on every time. That is what this Blog is about, ultimately: Improvement.

So, since Improvement requires Practice, I can also post here as often as I like without feeling guilty. It seems odd to feel guilt for posting too often, but there it is. Further Self-Analysis may be required to figure out that particular puzzle.

Mailing #1 finally made it into the mailbox yesterday and is winging its way to its Intended Recipient. Mailing #2, “This Is Your Chicken,” is going out today.

I do not usually attempt anything close to this kind of realism, but this was done in the spirit of Challenging Myself. It is, at least, recognizable as a chicken. I used the same materials as Mailing #1: 3×5 “Window” card, pencil, Sharpie pen, and really cheap “Colorific” colored pencils. I have to say that I really prefer the Sharpie pen over many other art pens–I can run my eraser over the lines without them greying out. The message on the back of the card is rather silly. I feel that I need to work on being clever and pithy instead. That’s another challenge. “Pithy” is not my middle name, to be frank.

How are you challenging yourself?

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The Well-Lettered Lady: An Introduction

In which Our Heroine begins her Great Experiment/Adventure and, Just Possibly, is Already In Over Her Head

This morning, I joined the Letter Writers Alliance in an effort to write more often, improve my writing thereby, and learn to loosen up a bit with my art.  By recording my experiences/attempts/failures here, I hope to keep a record of this Ephemera, even as I send it out into the world.  The idea is freeing–once a letter or drawing (or both) is sent, it is out of my hands.  It may spur a conversation, inspire a friend, or just provide a bright spot when it is needed most.  It may be utterly ignored.  I may never know.

I also plan to use this Blog as a place to record general thoughts about Writing, Drawing, and the Artistic Process (at least through my eyes and experiences).

I believe one should start as one means to go on, so this is Mailing #1:

The photo is a bit blurry, I’m afraid, but it will have to do.  I hope to get a scanner hooked up for future postings.  In any case, this is “The First Flower of Spring,” a quick sketch in pencil, inked with Sharpie pen, and colored with some very cheap colored pencils I picked up a while ago.  It was fun to just sit down and draw–I haven’t done that in a long time.

The card is a 3 x 5 “window” card from Levenger, which is a place that can suck you down into a wonderful, expensive pit of stationery.

Mailing #1 goes in the post today or tomorrow, depending on when I can get to the Post Office.

Let the Adventure Begin!

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