An Octopus And A Gentleman

In Which Our Heroine Discovers That Things Do Not Always Go As Planned

Sometimes, I like to provide art to my pen pals when I write to them. (Sometimes, I like to provide brightly-colored hamster stickers. But I digress.) For my most recent letter, I decided that I would do a sketch of myself reading a letter and then write the actual letter in a giant speech bubble so it would look as though I was reading the letter to my pen pal. (I may still do this someday. I may also develop a line of stationery of random things reading letters to people. It would be fun.)

I started drawing. My drawing of humans is a bit rusty, so my first sketch didn’t turn out too well. (I did discover, however, that Clairefontaine Triomphe paper is delightful to draw on.) I tried a different pose, and that was worse. After a good deal of erasing and sketching and erasing and sketching and erasing and generally being dissatisfied, I gave up and drew this:

Yes. I drew an octopus in a top hat and a monocle. Sometimes, that just happens.

I am totally going to clean him up and put him on my calling cards. Can you imagine anything more elegant?

(My pen pal letter wound up being decorated with the hamster stickers. What can I say? Art next time.)

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4 thoughts on “An Octopus And A Gentleman

  1. I like your style. I WOULD like to see what you do to “clean up” this octopus drawing. When you say you’ve started drawing, are you saying this is one of the first things you’ve ever drawn? Or, how long have you been drawing? I too like to doodle on letters/envelopes. But, I haven’t had much to say in any letters as of late. Ever since I got my first computer online, I have dived into email with which I rarely supply art. And, even my emails have dwindled over the years. I have no idea what kind of paper that is you mentioned. Oh, and I have horse, star and superhero stickers for my letters:P hehe

    • Ovis Obscura

      Actually, I’ve been drawing for a long, long time. I just haven’t been drawing constantly, the way I did when I was in school, so I’m a bit rusty. This octopus is a scribble–it’ll look better when I smooth out the lines, erase all the scribbly bits, and color it (on the computer). The next plan is to send it to Moocards and have some calling cards printed. I don’t have business cards, but cards with contact information are still good for conferences and meet-ups.

      The paper I mentioned is available here: Clairefontaine Triomphe. I love how smooth it is. I see from your “About Me” page that you like comics and (I think) anime. This paper would be fantastic for ink, markers, and other drawing, as well. They advertise it as a good correspondence paper for use with fountain pens, which it is, but it’s great for drawing, as well.

  2. I am clueless about papers, pens, etc. I’ve been using the most basic of tools. I don’t have any software presently to edit art too well. Conferences? I make my own calling cards with simple note cards:P I just hand write my info on a few and cut them like business cards. ‘Rather primitive; I know. I’ve thought about using an online printing site, but I don’t really have any business to advertise. I just do what I do when I can. Yes, I’ve been a bit of a comic book fan since I was 5. I got into anime when I was in my teens. I don’t follow anything avidly. And, not all comics or anime are good. I haven’t tried using a fountain pen since I was a kid. I use common school/office pens or very fine tip Sharpie type pens. I actually do more pencil than ink work for a reason…

  3. That is a most excellent octopus! He would be the perfect adornment for your calling cards.

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