Rome, Sweet Rome

Greetings from Rome, Italy!

Why, yes, it has been a long time. Blogging has certainly gotten away from me this year. I’ve done some writing (both letters and work on the novel), but most of my brain has been occupied with travel over the past few months. Alex and I will be in Italy for the next 19 days, and I wanted to share our trip with you, as well as some Travel Tips for seeing the places we visit. (Plus, the weather is absolutely gorgeous here, and I’m getting some good photos.)

We arrived yesterday after an extremely long set of flights. The timing was great, though, since by the time we got our luggage and everything, we were just in time to catch the Leonardo Express train to the center of Rome, catch a taxi from there, and check into our hotel. (We’re staying at the Grand Hotel Plaza, and I cannot recommend it enough. It’s not cheap, but the location is worth every penny.) We had a nice, relaxed afternoon, went out for a small dinner, drank a bottle of wine between the two of us, and slept pretty well. (I woke up at around 4:30 and dozed until we finally got up around 7:00.)

Everything is beautiful here. Even the desserts are beautiful.

Today, we went to the Forum and the Coliseum. Here’s your first Travel Tip: Go to the Forum first, as early as you can. Your ticket will also get you into the Coliseum. Going to the Forum early means you beat all the tour groups and get a nice, quiet walk around the site. Get lunch when you’re done (the Forum is seriously huge, so take your time seeing it all), then take your ticket to the Coliseum and enter the express line. You already have your ticket, so you don’t need to stand in the Extremely Long Ticket Queue.

Here are a few photos from the Forum. Note the Forum Cats.

The Coliseum was definitely worth the trip, as well.

These are both in the same area, and they were a fairly easy walk from our hotel. I have no idea what we’re doing tomorrow, but it’s going to be fun!

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