About This Well-Lettered Lady

I chose “A Well-Lettered Lady” as the title for this Blog because I think it brings to mind a woman who is classy, educated, and pleasant to know. I also hope to become “A Well-Lettered Lady” in the literal sense as I send letters and (hopefully) receive letters in return.

“A Well-Lettered Lady” also hearkens back to a time when many novels were attributed only to “A Lady” with few other identifying descriptors. While I have no objection to people knowing who I am, I do love cultivating an Air of Mystery (however transparent).

Things you should know about me: I am wordy, opinionated, friendly, clever (I think), tactful (I hope), and easily distracted.  I am fond of Victoriana, libraries, paper, pens, wool, cats, correctly-used semicolons, stories, tools of all sorts (especially if they are shiny), fencing (rapier, not chain link), history, mysteries, puzzles, and games.  I read, write, and knit a good deal, and I wear lace shawls with blue jeans. I am good at beginning projects, but awful at finishing them. I may be old enough to be your mother, but probably not.

Please leave me a note–I like notes.

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One thought on “About This Well-Lettered Lady

  1. Oh yeah. That was what first caught my eye. The mention of not finishing what you start:P We seem to suffer the same affliction. I like to think it means we need the right partner to complete the circuits. I can’t imagine fencing though I have some interest in swords. I too have a fascination with mysteries, puzzles and games.

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