About This Blog

This Blog is a Grand Experiment in Writing, a combining of the Analog and Digital Age.

Or, in less grandiose terms, this is where I write about Writing, Travel, and the Artistic Process.  

I enjoy hand writing things, whether they be little notes to myself, lists, letters, knitting patterns, or stories.  I enjoy calligraphy and appreciate a fine hand.  I also have a slight addiction to pencils, pens, paint, paper, envelopes, ink wells, blotters, and other desk accessories.  I am also addicted to Words.

I firmly believe that all Writing is Communication, even if you are only communicating with yourself.  Letters are a way of sharing your thoughts with others in a concrete, physical way.  Journals are a way of keeping track of your thoughts and ideas, a physical memory store for later perusal.  While typing can be a good, speedy way of noting something down, there is a certain joy to be had in recording thoughts and feelings with a special pen on special paper.  I am not against Writing Digitally (obviously, or this Blog would not exist); I am simply seeking the perfect blend of Digital and Doing It By Hand.

One of my challenges is the Accumulation of Supplies.  They sit, sad and unused, in a closet, in drawers, buried on my laughingly-titled “writing desk”, and in a teetering stack on my office floor.  The solution is Use. Use indicates Practice, which will make me a better writer and artist.

My other major challenge is that I am Very Easily Distracted, and that makes it difficult for me to Finish Things. While I do have the attention span for larger projects, I generally work on several things at the same time. My solution to this (for this particular project/Blog) is to create small things, fun things, things that can be accomplished in a few hours.

With all of this in mind, I am embarking on this Experiment.  I plan to write and sketch, create things on paper that (I hope) will be beautiful, and then post them here.  Having done that, I plan to send these Ephemera wherever my whim commands. This coincides neatly with my tendency to Travel to Foreign Lands. After all, Letters Home are an excellent inspiration and writing exercise, with the additional advantage of telling people all about your Adventures.

This Blog is also the place where I will chronicle my Quest for the Perfect Pen/Paper.

I hope this Blog inspires you, Dear Reader, to (as the Esteemed Neil Gaiman says) Make Good Art.

Warning: This Blog may include Esoteric Language, Outdated Concepts, Trivia, Pondering, Navel-Gazing, and Seemingly Random Capitalization.  Proceed at Your Own Risk.

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