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Joining The Alliance

In Which Our Heroine Receives Her First Assignment

Guess what came in the mail today?

My first Pen Pal Assignment from the Letter Writers Alliance!

I am rather excited. Her address is in New York, not far from where I visited in April. I can’t wait to start writing–but how do I introduce myself? Should I send a resume’? A biography? A list of interests? A drawing of a cat? I know nothing of her, and she knows nothing of me. What would create the best first impression? Is there an etiquette manual about this?

Perhaps I should simply hope to impress her with my penmanship. Perhaps I am overthinking this, as usual.

In other news, Mailing #4 is winging its way to a friend in need!

My friend is going through a tough time–I hope that receiving this in the mail will bring a smile to her face.

Time to write!

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The Well-Lettered Lady: An Introduction

In which Our Heroine begins her Great Experiment/Adventure and, Just Possibly, is Already In Over Her Head

This morning, I joined the Letter Writers Alliance in an effort to write more often, improve my writing thereby, and learn to loosen up a bit with my art.  By recording my experiences/attempts/failures here, I hope to keep a record of this Ephemera, even as I send it out into the world.  The idea is freeing–once a letter or drawing (or both) is sent, it is out of my hands.  It may spur a conversation, inspire a friend, or just provide a bright spot when it is needed most.  It may be utterly ignored.  I may never know.

I also plan to use this Blog as a place to record general thoughts about Writing, Drawing, and the Artistic Process (at least through my eyes and experiences).

I believe one should start as one means to go on, so this is Mailing #1:

The photo is a bit blurry, I’m afraid, but it will have to do.  I hope to get a scanner hooked up for future postings.  In any case, this is “The First Flower of Spring,” a quick sketch in pencil, inked with Sharpie pen, and colored with some very cheap colored pencils I picked up a while ago.  It was fun to just sit down and draw–I haven’t done that in a long time.

The card is a 3 x 5 “window” card from Levenger, which is a place that can suck you down into a wonderful, expensive pit of stationery.

Mailing #1 goes in the post today or tomorrow, depending on when I can get to the Post Office.

Let the Adventure Begin!

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